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On The Job Training

Hiring and training new employees is a struggle for many employers. It is not only an expensive process, it requires an incredible amount of your valuable time. What could you do with extra time and money?

What the OJT program will do for you:


  • Saves you money: We will reimburse up to 50% of wages (up to 1,040 hours) for workers hired through this program.

  • Saves you time: We will provide excellent employees with proven records. We take the time to evaluate candidates so you can be more productive with your time.

  • Continued support: We have a passionate staff that will offer ongoing guidance and support.

The Workforce Development Board's OTJ program provides convenience for your company


Potential employees will be 18 years or older and will have a high school diploma or a HSE. Ongoing guidance and support from the Workforce Development board staff, which is building leaders for employers for the future of their companies. All these factors with minimal paperwork for your company.

Your business can participate if the OJT position is permanent and full-time (32+ hours per week) and your business participates in E-Verify. Learn more about E-Verify at

To learn more about our OTJ program, contact:
Debra Thompson
Construction Workers
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